Spiritual journey of all of us

My kind of spirituality is not about holding hands and chanting mantras all day.

When I hear spiritual people tell those who are standing up for justice, truth and freedom, with: Why do you get involved in drama, you should “vibrate higher.”⠀

My kind of spirituality is not about holding hands and chanting mantras all day.⠀

My spirituality is not about shaking negativity off, and breathing in positivity. I don’t do spiritual bypassing, I confront and face everything and say: What’s up.⠀

I don’t go into denial with current affairs, I step into it with full presence.⠀

I don’t send good vibes; I act, speak up and make the taboo and hidden discussable, rather than shrug it under the carpet and say: Let’s just focus on love and light.⠀

Ungrounded spirituality, where you constantly seek transcendence and bliss.. is not my kind of spirituality. It might be the path for others, and that’s fine because we all have a different purpose in life. Some came here to uplift others, so they will dance, bring humor and spread joy -> which is highly needed. ⠀

Some came to provoke, to shake things up, to inspire independent thought (vs. herd mentality) to empower and create change. And some do both.

If you want to help people realise they are powerful co-creators, you first need to connect them to their personal power. ⠀

You don’t empower people by only focusing on the light, personal power is found by becoming conscious. You can only become conscious by facing your individual as well as the collective Shadow. ⠀

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Light chasers, will tell you to ‘just be love’. Those who actually did the work and integrated their shadow will use their fire & passion and all the things that were deemed ‘negative’ when unconscious (and reactive), but now utilise that same energy ‘consciously’ to bring awareness, maintain justice, freedom & freewill for all. You can be anchored in Love (a deep love for humanity) and still speak up and stand for the right of others. Those 2 don’t exclude eachother.

Spirituality is NOT about being passive

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