1:1 private coaching with Handan

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I specialise in Transformation. My gift is in recognising & breaking patterns that are standing in between where you are vs where you want to be, and each time we do so, your destiny changes.

You feel the deep call for change, a desire for expansion. You're done with limitations, you want to explore and experience the version of you on the other side of it.

During our work you will witness the metamorphosis of your confidence, self-worth, and the realisation of your boundless capabilities. 
This work is not for everyone, as ‘highly uncomfortable’ collapses in identity can (and will) happen to become who you need to be, to attract and keep the reality you desire to have.  

The only way to work with me 1-1, is through a 1 or 2 month container program and by application only.

To apply, please select the option most suited to your needs below:

1 Month Private Coaching

  • 4 x 75 min session
  • Either coaching, mentoring or transformative healing sessions
  • 4 sessions a month
  • Support in between sessions via WhatsApp during office hours
  • Learn Shadow Integration & Emotional Alchemy tools to support your Self-Healing Journey.
Price: €2500 EURO

2 Month Private Coaching

  • 6 x 90 min session
  • Either coaching, mentoring or transformative healing sessions
  • 3 sessions a month
  • Support in between sessions via WhatsApp during office hours
  • Learn Shadow Integration & Emotional Alchemy tools to support your Self-Healing Journey.
Price: €4500 EURO

How a 1-1 Transformational session may help you


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Hi Handan. Thank you again! I have worked with loads and loads of fellow Thetahealers and was always feeling like they’re not strong enough to go where they need to go during a session. Finally I have found my match with you, so happy!!


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Thank you for such a powerful session Handan!! It is amazing – you changed a few programs in MY mind, but our sessions shifted my whole family, especially the kids. The dynamic in our home is completely different.It confirms yet again, that “if you want to change the world, start with yourself”. Grateful!


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I went to Handan because I was struggling to get pregnant. During our sessions, Handan helped me release a lot of fears and blockages from the past that were in the way of me getting pregnant. And fast forward a couple of months later, I find out I am pregnant!

Dana S.

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A profound experience! Handan has clearly found her purpose and calling on this earth - that sweet spot where her personality has come to serve her soul. Do yourself a favor and make time to delve deep into your subconscious with her to unravel roadblocks that you may not even know are there. Grateful for this experience and the many epiphanies that she helped me reach. The clarity that I walked away with still resides in me, weeks after our session.


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Over the last few years, I had heard of Theta Healing as a powerful and Handan. Handan’s zest for life and positive spirit is infectious and the good thing is she doesn’t impose her own views on you but instead enables us to see our surroundings in a different perspective. This is where the real change begins! Thank you Handan!”

Ziad S

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Hello Handan, I want to share with you that after giving healing sessions on my sister and her husband - finally they have been able to conceive 8 years after their marriage. This is a miracle come true for everyone.And I wanted to thank you for making me reach that level .. I do have the trust in ThetaHealing but I believe it’s the teacher who makes you find yourself and empowers you to manifest miracles.. you are truly a blessing for our family.May god always bless you with abundance of unconditional love, health, desires, blessings, prosperity.


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HanDan, thank you for resolving my trauma’s and emotional issues. Thank you for giving me back my confidence. During all these years I thought that what I was going through was unfixable, that I was born to struggle, to give only and never receive. I was wrong, your sessions helped me understand me, helped me understand that my life is my own creation. Since I started the sessions, training with you last November, I feel happier, stronger, confident, calmer. Thank you for healing my heart and my soul. Thank you for being my beautiful healer.

Bouchra B.

Emotional / Psychological Healing

• To process unresolved emotional trauma
• Low Self-Esteem, insecurities
• You keep attracting/re-living the same negative patterns
• Feeling lost; lack of direction or purpose
• Fears/Phobias
• Inner conflict
• Loss of alignment with True Self
• Grief; unable to move on
• Feeling Stuck/Trapped
• Indecisive
• Numb; not feeling much
• Avoidance or Conflict seeking
• Short fuse; triggered easily, anger issues
• Emotionally Absent; daydreaming, zoning out, forgetful
• Co-dependency; people pleasing
• Lack of boundaries; often feeling used and taken advantage of
• Restlessness/Anxiety
• Depression
• Addictions & Compulsions
• Jealousy & Trust issues

Physical Healing

• Diseases
• Disorders
• Injuries
• Pain

Spiritual Healing

• Energetic divorce (from a past relationship)
• Karmic Healing
• Heart Healing (Broken Heart)
• Soul Healing (Broken Soul)
• Complete Soul Contracts, Vows, Oaths


• Remove subconscious/energetic blocks to what you’d like to Manifest (bring into Reality)
• Live your Passion; What’s stopping you from turning your Art into your Abundance? Create financial freedom by doing what you Love.
• Find your Purpose/Calling

High Performance

• Remove subconscious blocks that stop you from taking your performance to the next level
• Procrastination
• Perfectionism
• Self-doubt
• Fears (fear of failure, rejection, of disappointing others)
• Limiting beliefs (I am not good enough, I am weak, I’m never going to be as good as..etc)

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