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During a personal healing session, you will have a powerful opportunity to change your life. The practitioner will guide you into a Theta brainwave state; which is the dominant brain wave during deep meditation and while under hypnosis.

Theta brain waves can be considered the subconscious; theygovern the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the unconsciousand retain memories and feelings.
They also direct our beliefs and behaviour. Once you enter this state of deep relaxation, thepractitioner will apply a process called‘digging’ to identify the root cause of your symptoms.

From here, she may use acombination of healing/therapy techniques (ThetaHealing®, ClinicalHypnotherapy, Emotional Release, NLP, shadow-work) to customise a session basedon your personal needs.Oncethe root cause is uncovered, the practitioner will help you shift thelimiting/negative pattern by reprogramming your subconscious mind with positivebelief systems.
Thepractitioner will also guide you through the processing of unresolved emotionsrelated to events that are still holding you back. Long held traumatic energeticimprints eventually lead to illness, but also keep attracting the sameexperience and ‘type’ of people into your life. If you want to change yourreality, you have to resolve the imprint that vibrationally keeps attractingthe same experience to you.

For example, the person that has experienced abuse in childhood, oftenattracts an abusive employer, or an abusive partner later in life. The personthat experienced financial lack/struggle in early childhood, often keepsattracting a reality that lacks in abundance. The child that is told thathe/she will not amount to anything, may still achieve a few great things, butwhenever they do, they sabotage their success, or they procrastinate.

We keep attracting & creating that which is familiar.
A healing session can break such patterns.

Sessions are offered online via Zoom.

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Your trauma is not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility

The outcome: the practitioner will unveil theclient’s limiting beliefs, emotional patterns and deeply held blocks fromcurrent and past trauma that are stored within the body & mind. These willbecome reprogrammed with the positive alternative to re-shape and re-createone’s life and reality. The client’s energy field will be realigned andrebalanced, leading to feelings of peace, joy and a greater sense ofwell-being. Healing sessions can assist with improving yourphysical health, emotional health, performance, grief, relationship issues,manifesting for relationships, career, finding your soul purpose, clearingchallenges, spiritual growth, intuitive development, healing trauma and abuse.The possibilities are limitless.

Emotional / Psychological Healing

• To process unresolved emotional trauma
• Low Self-Esteem, insecurities
• You keep attracting/re-living the same negative patterns
• Feeling lost; lack of direction or purpose
• Fears/Phobias
• Inner conflict
• Loss of alignment with True Self
• Grief; unable to move on
• Feeling Stuck/Trapped
• Indecisive
• Numb; not feeling much
• Avoidance or Conflict seeking
• Short fuse; triggered easily, anger issues
• Emotionally Absent; daydreaming, zoning out, forgetful
• Co-dependency; people pleasing
• Lack of boundaries; often feeling used and taken advantage of
• Restlessness/Anxiety
• Depression
• Addictions & Compulsions
• Jealousy & Trust issues

Physical Healing

• Diseases
• Disorders
• Injuries
• Pain

Spiritual Healing

• Energetic divorce (froma past relationship)
• Karmic Healing
• Heart Healing (BrokenHeart)
• Soul Healing (BrokenSoul)
• Complete Soul


• Remove subconscious/energetic blocks to what you’d like to Manifest (bring into Reality)
• Live your Passion; What’s stopping you from turning your Art into your Abundance? Create financial freedom by doing what you Love.
• Find your Purpose/Calling

High Performance

• Remove subconscious blocks that stop you from taking your performance to the next level
• Procrastination
• Perfectionism
• Self-doubt
• Fears (fear of failure, rejection, of disappointing others)
• Limiting beliefs (I am not good enough, I am weak, I’m never going to be as good as..etc)

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