Handan is an excellent practitioner who combines deep insight and intuitive wisdom with practicality and professionalism. Two trusted friends highly recommended her course after they both experienced quick, transformative results. I attended two ThetaHealing sessions and unraveled deep mysteries within 90 minutes of work. Handan guided me through a discussion in a meditative state which revealed self-limiting beliefs and turned them around. Besides learning more about myself and gaining the ability to shift negative patterns into positive ones, I also found myself losing 3 kilos without any extra effort! Handan explained that I had been resorting to “emotional eating” to numb feelings of sadness or loneliness. Since working with Handan, I have moved past that coping mechanism into a more blissful state of self-acceptance and self-love. There is still work to be done and I fully trust Handan to guide me through this. After experiencing different forms of healing and therapy, I highly recommend Handan for anyone who wants to see almost immediate shifts in long-standing patterns of behaviour.

Noor A.

Handan is a magical being. A session with her is definitely one of the most powerful ThetaHealing sessions I’ve ever had. She’s very straightforward, compassionate and honest. My first experience with her was a distance healing experience, and despite the fact that no one was around I felt every single bit of it. I felt it in my body, I felt it in my soul, I was able to go deep in trance, see what I was meant to see, and at some points felt some physical sensations as we started to release old programs and trauma connected to my early childhood experiences. I definitely recommend everyone to try it. Every session I’ve had with handan lead to major realisations, break-throughs and self-growth.


Hi Handan. Thank you again! I have worked with loads and loads of fellow Thetahealers and was always feeling like they’re not strong enough to go where they need to go during a session. Finally I have found my match with you, so happy!!