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Master Practitioner & Instructor of Healing & Integration
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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who would like to monetise their gifts, skills and talents. Those who take courses in healing, coaching, personal training, those who create art but for some reason feel uncomfortable charging money for it.

Do you go from course to course, from workshop to seminar feeling like you need to keep studying, thinking: Maybe after this course, I’ll have the confidence to start my business and charge others what I want?

Do you give your services, your art, your products away for free? This course is also for those who undercharge, and often feel used or taken advantage of after the exchange has taken place.

We teach you what a fair exchange feels like, and to attract clients who can afford that.

It all starts with you. Whether people want to pay for your services/products has actually very little to do with your beliefs about money and abundance. It has everything to do with your worth. How much do you value yourself, your time, your energy, your skills? If you have doubts and uncertainties about who you are and what you deliver (on a subconscious level) people will be able to pick that up and respond to it. Trust me, people have the money. Sure everyone has a different budget, but everyone has money to some extent, or they can get it to some degree.
The issue is not their ‘wealth’ or lack of it, it’s where they decide to spend it on. Truth is: People pay for things they value.

At the start of me giving healing sessions and feeling bad for charging people money for it, I met this girl who gave me the saddest story and wanted to book a session. When I told her my price, she wanted to have a discount, she really needed this session so bad but said it was out of her budget. I told her to give me a couple of days to think about it. My desire to help another was in conflict with my need for a fair exchange. Funny thing happened; truth has a way of always revealing itself to me. By coincidence I was out to a fancy club I usually never go to. And I saw her at the bar with her friends, wearing designer bags and clothes..very nice I thought, what was interesting is that she kept ordering and paying for one alcoholic drink after another. Not sure if you’re aware, but an alcoholic cocktail in Dubai is on average 120 AED, she gulped 4 of them, that alone was more than my session fee at the time. That’s when I realised: People do have the money, they just choose to spend it differently, but that’s their choice, and it doesn’t have to be mine. I declined her request for a discount, and decided I would never discount on myself or on my time and pay for the choices others make.

We don’t breed martyrs here. We empower soulful individuals to share their gifts and receive fairness and honour in return. Money is simply the tool of exchange for this.

During this mentorship you will:

• Overcome blocks that prevent you from charging money for your services/products;
• Become confident and truly value what you got to offer;
• Learn to respect your time, energy and skills;
• Create healthy boundaries to protect you from being taken advantage of, and over-giving as a means to overcompensate for an inner insecurity;
• Get in touch with your deservingness and worth;
• Release fears around security & entrepreneurship, and shift programs that security can only come from employment;
• Explore fear of failure, patterns of procrastination, negative beliefs about self, i.e.: I’m not smart enough, capable enough, others are better;
• Open yourself up for receiving, and creating safety around being seen/being visible.
• Learn how to work with Universal Laws to create/attract what you want. We go beyond Law of Attraction. You will learn how to work with the Law of Motion to come out of 'stuckness'.
• Upgrade in consciousness: No more sacrificing time, freedom, health, relationships to make money. Learn how to create abundance while living the life you want.

Mentorship details:

• 6 x 3 hour online workshop conducted by Handan
• During every online meeting, participants will be guided into their subconscious mind and learn to heal and reprogram patterns/belief systems that block them from stepping into their power. This is a physical practise.
• During every online workshop, participants will be taken through meditational processes and downloaded with new programs to rewire the brain.
• Homework throughout the week to ensure the lessons are integrated and embodied.

Mentorship Structure:

Module 1: Claim it to Manifest it
During this module we will clear out any cognitive dissonance that exists between what you want to do vs who you believe you are. If you hold any negative associations to your new role/the service you’d like to offer, you actually won’t be able to manifest clients for it.

We also disconnect you from negative beliefs related to your industry/role. For example:

1. Artists struggle financially while they are alive, they are only recognised after they die.
2. People who follow their passion, fail or end up broke.

Module 2: Release Unworthiness – Am I good enough?
Not feeling good enough is an epidemic. So during this module we clear self-doubt, not knowing your true worth, not recognising the value of your time, energy, skills and resources.

We explore pricing and our associations to money. If you grew up in a system where your hourly rate is already determined by your industry, you will be limited with the income you can make. During this module we challenge whether time = money, and if yes what an hour of our time is actually worth.

Module 3: Imposter Syndrome (I am a Fraud)
I have seen the most brilliant people have imposter syndromes. Especially when they are about to get out of their comfort zone and embark on a new territory professionally. It’s this deep insecurity and fear that people are going to put them on the spot; they’ll find out I’m a fake, that I’m a fraud, that I just pretend to be something I am not. During this course we recover our Trust in others as well as release the need for perfection as we move deeper into self-acceptance. Excellence merely becomes a result of appropriate self-care and living your truth (which translates into alignment with your higher self), not of self-criticism.

Module 4: Wounded Empath (I have to save others, and give things away for free)
During this module we heal patterns that make participants project victimhood onto another, unconsciously creating scenarios where they have to play the saviour/rescuer. We explore the ways we victimise ourselves in our efforts to help others. We clear energetic constructs that make participants confuse enmeshment for empathy, which often leads to absorbing other people’s pain and suffering as your own. This module can provide relief from having co-dependant tendencies, where you experience another as yourself. You will learn how to make a healthy distinction between what is another’s stuff and what is yours.

Module 5: The illusion of security.
From Employed to Entrepreneur.
During this module we shift our concept of security as something that is externally derived (employment), to something that is internally generated (fully trusting yourself and believing you are resourceful). We clear negative programs connected to having your own business (i.e. someone in the family having gone bankrupt). You’ll learn about smooth transitions: How to move from one field into another but without the drama/trauma. And being programmed with having multiple sources of income rather than limiting yourself to believing that money can only come from 1 source (employment).

Module 6: Releasing shame around having ‘Needs’. Unblock receiving + being seen
During this module we will clear negative associations you may have to ‘needs’. Sometimes if a child is neglected while growing up, or was made feel unwanted, like a creates coping mechanisms by dismissing their own needs and pretending it’s not there. As a result they may become overly independent, and feel really uncomfortable when someone gives them anything. Hyper-independence is a trauma response. This can block you from receiving (paying) clients and asking for what you want. We release any feelings of inferiority for asking or wanting money. We move from beggar archetype to queen/king archetype. Money becomes a way for people to honour your time/skill/wisdom etc. During this module we also clear any issues you may have with selling/promoting yourself, which can often be linked to issues around being seen/visible.

Are you ready to step into your power?

Schedule for registration
2 November 2022
5555 AED ($1500 USD)
6 weeks
method of delivery:
Online via Zoom
Self-awareness, mental stability + experience with subconscious reprogramming: Having done courses and/or sessions in ThetaHealing, NLP, Hypnotherapy or any other healing/therapy modality that does rewiring.